Friday, October 18, 2013

Saudi mysteries

"Why Do The Saudis Want Then Decline A UNSC Seat?"  Turning down what they fought, scraped, and bribed for.  With a weird and gratuitous reference to the plight of the Palestinians.

Questionable ultra-Zionist source, but still:  "Mossad Assassinates Iran Revolutionary Guard Commander, Prince Bandar’s Secret Meeting With Israelis on Iran":
"In a related matter, another bombshell (Hebrew) dropped today.  Israel media reported that senior Israeli security officials met in Israel with a high-level Gulf state official to coordinate a military strategy against Iran.  Israel’s Channel 2 TV news also said the official, from  state with no diplomatic relations with Israel, came to Israel for the consultations.  Though the reports did not name him, my source says that he was none other than the infamous Prince Bandar ibn Sultan.  Lately he’s been known as one of the primary arms suppliers for the Syrian rebels.  But his secret portfolio includes all Saudi security engagements in the region including Iran and Syria.  This would mark the first time such a senior Saudi official has broken the Arab taboo against visiting Israel."
"Top minister: Makes sense for Israel, Arabs to cooperate on Iran":
"A carelessly edited version of the 2013 Israeli state budget revealed that Israel opened a diplomatic office somewhere in the Persian Gulf between 2010 and 2012. Foreign Ministry sources asked the Finance Ministry to remove the sensitive clause from the budget — and from the public’s eye."
The Saudi royals allowed Bandar Bush to run his psychopathic plans out of desperate fears over the Arab Spring. All the plans - the war on Syria (and when Assad kicks the craziest jihadists out of Syria, a lot of them will come home to roost, and fight, in Saudi Arabia), isolating Iran, and cooperating with Israel - are backfiring in a big way. Have the Saudis finally come to their senses?  Along with all of Bandar's massive failures of diplomacy and war scheming, the Saudi royals also have to factor in the fact that the United States no longer has a functioning government and that China and the rest of the world are not prepared to go down with the American ship. 

If getting the Security Council seat was part of Bandar's plan, a public rejection of the seat, along with a mention of the Palestinians, the victims of Bandar's Israeli pals, may be the official announcement that Bandar Bush is on the way out.
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