Sunday, November 24, 2013


This is hilarious:  "Exclusive: Burns led secret US back channel to Iran"

Note the mild skulduggery:
"Al-Monitor learned that Burns was in Geneva during the second round of nuclear talks between the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the US, UK, France, Russia, China) plus Germany (P5+1) and Iran held here November 7-9, and subsequently learned additional details about the bilateral channel, but agreed to hold the story at the administration’s request until the conclusion of the third round of nuclear talks that ended here in a breakthrough tonight.
Al-Monitor also learned that Burns is also currently in Geneva during this, the third round, of P5+1 Iran nuclear negotiations. Both times, he did not stay at the main diplomatic hotel, the Intercontinental, where many of the negotiations have taken place, but at another site, the US official said. Talwar has been seen by journalists at bus stops in the city and running towards the hotel at various times during the last three rounds of talks here; it could not be confirmed if he was relaying messages between the discussions taking place on site at the hotel, where the US, European and Iranian delegations stay, to Burns at another site."
Back channel? Around whom was Burns sneaking? Who else but Israeli agents in the French and British negotiating teams, and Israeli agents in his own negotiating team, all of whom were given the task of sabotage?  Everybody in the State Department is actually operating behind enemy lines, the enemy being ZOG.
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