Sunday, December 15, 2013


"Team Omidyar, World Police: eBay puts user data on a “silver platter” for law enforcement" by Mark Ames.  Some would say that there is no harm in letting Greenwald and Omidyar do their thing, but the harm is obvious, and terrible:
  1. with all its financial clout, Fake-ileaks can push real leak-gathering organizations, ones that can't be controlled for the interests of the 1%, out of the picture;
  2. Fake-ileaks can serve as a kind of honeytrap for potential leakers, alerting officials to pick up the whistleblowers before they can leak (Omidyar's weird hyper-participation in law enforcement is all we need to know); and
  3. Fake-ileaks can suck up and hide the leaks that would do real damage to the 1%, much as Greenwald appears to be doing now (of course, we can't possibly know, as Greenwald can keep all the evidence hidden!).
We can't stop Greenwald and Omidyar, but we can put real whistleblowers on alert to the massive danger they face - both personally, and to the integrity of the information they wish to share - in dealing with Omidyar.
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