Friday, December 13, 2013

Sudden collapse of Israeli diplomacy

"Catastrophic Dutch State Visit to Israel" Hilarious (as is Silverstein's comment on 972), but even more interesting is the shambles of the Hollande state visit to Israel, when the Israeli ministers didn't show to the dinner for French cabinet members:  "Diplomatic gaffe || Israeli ministers snub dinner with French counterparts".  I suspect the snub is due to Hollande's criticism of the settlements, but the French high officials must be thinking that the Jews are the world's greatest ingrates, particularly considering all the flak the French diplomats must have received over the debacle of Holland's temporary veto of the Iran talks..

"Netanyahu cancels South Africa trip over high travel costs"  "Austerity-hit Israelis furious over $18K bill for Netanyahu’s food, shoes and personal hairdressers":
"It follows disclosures that a double-bed had been installed at the cost of $139,000 on a five-hour flight from Tel Aviv to London for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral to allow the 63-year-old prime minister and his wife Sara, 54, to travel in comfort."
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