Saturday, January 25, 2014

Donated by Palestinians who were leaving anyway

"Swedish gangster who claimed he had photos of the king in compromising sexual situations is found dead with four bullet wounds to the head"  It is a wonder they are not calling it a suicide.  After the Assange framing, we see more evidence of the Swedish deep state.

"Hariri tribunal and the wrong cellphone numbers"  This frame-up of Hezbollah has been sloppy throughout, and you have to wonder at this point why they even bother.

"Exclusive: Federal Probe Into New Jersey Sen. Menendez Is Widening"  Melgen owns the boat associated with the Dominican underage hookers, the ones we are told have recanted their stories.

"Top Three Media Lies About the Syrian Peace Talks"  "US Feigns "Horror" Over Cooked-Up Report on Syrian War They Engineered"  As long as the Syrian army continues to win on the ground, this American/Zionist posturing is irrelevant.

"That is a first: the Palestinians donated their land"  Is this something that Lorne Michaels said, or was it added by the author?  It is such clumsy hasbara, and clumsy English, that you have to wonder about the editors at Vanity Fair.  Is there a wider conspiracy by World Jewry to plant hasbara bombs everywhere?

It is amusing that it is perfectly fine - indeed required - to constantly obsess over what some Poles may or may not have done for a few years in a small corner of the world almost a hundred years ago, but it is the height of bigotry and racism to even have a passing thought at what some Poles - well, Khazars by way of Poland - are doing now, and for the past sixty-some years, to a very large part of the world.  This discussion is not at all about bigotry - it is all about power.

"Valerie Percy murder: Suspect William Thoresen revealed in 1966 Kenilworth mystery"  Despite the importance of Senator Percy, I get the very strong impression that the police were ordered not to solve this crime.

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