Saturday, January 18, 2014


Unusually enlightening (especially from this source) coverage of the Lobby sausage-making process:  "Rabbi Pinto’s ‘Generosity’ Extends Up GOP Food Chain"

Atzmon:  "The Rabbi And The Congressman"

See also:  "Cory Booker takes heat over Menendez's Iran sanctions bill":
"Political experts, though, say the move may be a shrewd one. With a recess looming it is unclear if the Menendez bill will even come up for a vote. And attacking Iran is popular with pro-Israel groups that will hold sway in Booker’s 2014 re-election campaign."
Of course, the Lobby owns Menendez due to the blackmail possibilities of having an underage Dominican hooker addiction.

"‘Guard the state, no surrendering to Kerry’ — right-wing Israeli campaign"  Again, note how the settler movement won't take less than everything.

Superb Atzmon on the 'progressive' problem:  "We Better move on..."  I firmly believe that today's 'progressives' are unsalvageable and the only thing to do is to ignore them.  A large part of the problem is that World Jewry has intentionally infiltrated and perverted the Left to turn it into a tool for Zionism.

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