Monday, January 20, 2014

Small bands of patriots roaming the bureaucracy

In order to understand the United States today, you have to imagine that Washington, D. C. is under full military occupation, with tanks and soldiers wandering the streets.  Half the legislature are traitors, and the other half are being held hostage.  Of course, the army to imagine is the IDF.  The legislature, executive and judiciary are all operating for the benefit of a foreign power, Israel.

The only American patriots still operating in the American government are small bands of very brave bureaucrats.

Remember how the FBI took a run at AIPAC?  They are fighting the good fight again:  "US Rep. Grimm’s ex-girlfriend stands by her former man in campaign money case".  The kind of flak they have to run is grimmly amusing:
"Stuart Kaplan, a lawyer Durand hired this week, said she was the victim of a government squeeze targeting Grimm.

"It seems very unfortunate that my client finds herself in this predicament," he said.

Kaplan himself appears to have longstanding ties to Grimm. He worked for the FBI's New York office from 1995 to 2006, while Grimm also worked for the bureau there.

Kaplan even gave Grimm a $1,500 donation in 2009, Federal Election Commission records show.

An attorney tracking the case said that in light of the government's apparent bid to flip Durand, Kaplan's ties to the congressman represent “a blatant conflict of interest.”

Kaplan declined to say if he knows Grimm or was referred by him. He did not respond to questions about a conflict."
There is also a small outpost of determined American patriots in the State Department fighting against incalculable odds: "Syria: The Geneva II Conference Trouble". I don't for a moment believe that Ban decided to invite Iran without the express but secret approval of the State Department, and the ensuing kerfuffle is just an ass-covering job to try to deflect some of the inevitable ZOG backlash.

The Resistance is producing some amazing situations, here American intelligence agents conspiring with the Iranians on how Iran can best present its negotiating position:  "Syria: The Geneva II Conference Trouble"

Many will lose their careers in this brave fight against the treason.  Some will lose their lives.  After Israel is finished, and Americans start the quick process of hanging the entire Congress, some thought should be given to erecting monuments to these brave men and women of the American Resistance.

Added:  I forgot that I have been pondering whether the recent outing of Aaron Schock, a name that comes up a lot in the Grimm investigation, has to do with the fight against ZOG (though he was actually outed by an Israeli, so the politics may be complicated, and may even relate to blocking the Israeli connection to the bribing of Grimm).
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