Sunday, February 16, 2014

More treason in Canada

Providing a Mossad assassin with a Canadian passport and cover identity is nothing short of treason - and believe me that once Israel is gone there are going to have to be massive treason trials in Canada for Canadian government traitors and the Jews, including practically every wealthy Jew in the country, who put them up to it - and it gravely endangers the lives of all Canadian passport holders not to mention those Canadians who might unknowingly run into this Israeli thug.  The degree that Canadian politicians and bureaucrats have been bought off can  never be overstated, starting with the Shabbas-Goy-in-Chief, Stephen Harper.

It seems that this latest treason story started as yet another revelation of Montreal police corruption (with police investigators possibly getting into business with the guy they were investigating!), which led to an investigation of a Canadian passport fraud official who appears to have been having a romantic relationship with the guy, the target of one of her investigations, which led to the Canadian government covering its tracks by publicly labeling the informant an Iranian spy (something the RCMP came up with as he may have been involved in business dealings in Venezuela with Iranian nationals), which led to his revealing the utterly treasonous action of the Canadian government with respect to the Mossad thug (it is almost certain that he is no Iranian spy as a real Iranian spy would have shared the information only with his Iranian government handlers).

The lives of Canadians are in danger until we know the identity of this hidden protected murderer.  Dubai should withdraw its ambassador.
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