Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Power makes everybody stupid

"Chairs in Israeli studies versus chair in Pakistani or Bangladeshi studies in the US"

"Abbas the anti-Semite"

These were posted almost at the same time.  Why is the second completely irrelevant - really!!! what possible difference do the personal prejudices of Abbas make? - slur worthy of constant mention, yet the first important fact demonstrating the power of World Jewry evokes outrage.  Is he completely oblivious to the contradictions in his politics? Does he have no clue that his second posting does the same job for World Jewry as all the university courses and chairs (which, by the way, exist because Jewish billionaires paid for them).  Power makes everybody stupid.

It is time to say 'basta', do a quenelle (which, by the way, is part of the long history of European hand gestures and almost certainly derives from Italian regional gestures for 'basta' and not from Nazi or neo-Nazi precursors, rather obvious when you realize that the people who started the quenelle are murderously despised by neo-Nazis), and give up completely on these ivory-tower servants of the 1%.
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