Wednesday, March 12, 2014


"NGO documents plan Ukraine war (E35)"  Another one:  Larry Diamond.  They don't have to try to hide their involvement as they realize no 'legitimate' source would dare mention it.

"Israel: A significant shift in U.S. public opinion…? And what if the answer is “Yes”?"  This is just fruitless American pressure on Bibi - nobody cares what ordinary Americans think - but the truth is that the only just solution is one person, one vote across the entire Historic Palestine.

"‘NPR’ denies the Nakba" 

"Ukraine president: Kiev will not use army to stop Crimea secession"  No insane Ukrainian army stunts means no promises of real help from the Americans means that Barry has opted out of WWIII . . .

 . . . as much as some would relish WWIII:  "As Though Iraq Never Happened" by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

"There's Something Very Wrong with the Official Story About the Boston Bombings" by Russ Baker.  There are huge problems - unexplained major discrepancies in the Official Story - with both the 'Danny' story and the campus policeman story.  Actually, the actions of the brothers described in the Official Story make no sense at all.

"Usamah Bin Laden the tourist"

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