Monday, April 28, 2014


"Why Neocons Seek to Destabilize Russia" (Parry).  Almost unique in discussing the real reasons for the Ukrainian fiasco (which I understand can't be discussed in some fora for local legal reasons connected with the totalitarian nature of certain countries).

BRICS versus hicks.  "Brazil's 'Internet Bill of Rights' a Victory for Web Freedom"  "Canada Won't Escape the FCC's Gutting of Net Neutrality"  Sensible wealth expanding policy decisions from the BRICS; asinine 1%-enriching policy decisions from 'the West'.

"Death of witness may stymie probe into Brazil dictatorship"  He might have been killed by his own people upset that he talked.

The racial supremacism you can't talk about:  "Exclusive: The Extended Donald Sterling Tape"

"Sanctions Revive Search for Secret Putin Fortune"  For their thesis that Putin is corrupt they can find absolutely no evidence, except (my emphasis in red):
"Boris A. Berezovsky, the tycoon who helped install Mr. Putin in the Kremlin only to fall out with him and become his most bitter opponent, told a story of seeking and receiving Mr. Putin’s help with a business venture in St. Petersburg and then offering him a bribe in thanks, only to be turned down."

As usual, the professional liars want to smear Putin by hoping people will read only the headline. I would have assumed Putin was corrupt but after reading this sloppy slurring I now know he is as pure as the driven snow.

"Palestinians to Pursue Bid to Join 60 International Bodies"  More bluffing?

Speaking of bluffing:  "Kyiv regime's 'anti-terrorist' campaign in eastern Ukraine appears to be stalling again"  How can it stall if it never started?  On the other hand, every day is filled with news of new efforts in the east to assert autonomy.

"Innocent European monitors"  If, as appears to be the case, the OSCE has allowed a military spy mission to take cover under its name, it may find its regular work somewhat complicated.

"There Are At Least Three Osama bin Laden-Themed Bars In Brazil"
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