Saturday, April 26, 2014

Citizen quartermasters

The world would be a better place if all countries provisioned their armies by passing a hat around:  "Ukraine govt asks public to donate soap, linen for special ‘anti-separatist’ units"

"Political Assassination? Israel above Suspicion: Was the Death of Palestinian Ambassador Jamal al Jamal an Accident?" No matter how much authorities change the story of what happened, the explanation that it was an innocent accident remains the same.

"Kenney, Harper not fit to run a burger joint: Mallick":
"Toronto Const. James Forcillo, charged with the second-degree murder of teenager Sammy Yatim last summer, is back at work, courtesy of Police Chief Bill Blair. He’s working in Crime Stoppers. So if I want to give the police an anonymous tip, and I most assuredly do not, I’m being asked to phone a cop charged with shooting a man eight times and hope he can be trusted to keep my name out of it."
"Why underage drinking at 24 Sussex Drive is no joke for the Harper Government"  This story slowly oozed out of the Canadian media.

"Town by town, 'doomed' Assad closes in on Syria Victory"

"Passover Greetings from the Editor"  Still nothing from Pierre.

"'Global Society Destruction' and The Ukraine Crisis: Decoding its Deep Structural Meaning" by Prof. John McMurtry.  This type of analysis would be a lot more coherent if the underlying real reasons for the derangement could be mentioned.  Of course, real reasons can't be mentioned, or the derangement would have to stop.

"False Flags: A Possible Aid to Change?":
"We need historians to start digging into the murky past of false flags, and investigative journalists to uncover the false flags that are undoubtedly happening now. These dark and sinister practices need to be exposed to the antiseptic glare of bright sunlight. Real change can only happen once the 99% begin to understand that there is no depth of depravity to which our great trusted leaders will not sink, and nothing better proves this than the ongoing and routine use of false flags."

It would also be nice if everybody called out and mocked the obvious bullshit: "Diplomat says Syria hiding some chemical arms" (hints of brazen lying in red):
"Syria maintains an ability to deploy chemical weapons, a senior Western diplomat has said, citing intelligence from Britain, France and the United States. "We have some intelligence showing, that they have not declared everything", a senior diplomat told the Reuters news agency, adding that a "substantial" part of the chemical weapons programme was hidden."
"Brazil torturer murdered"  Since governments won't take care of these monsters, direct action is required (this applies in many, many countries).
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