Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Cromwell conspiracies

"Why We Will Never Learn":
"It is interesting to speculate what might have happened if Truman had decided to let the country continue to bumble along, as it had somehow since 1776, without any “intelligence” agency at all. No Shah of Iran, hence no hostage crisis and no Ronald Reagan. No U2, hence no refreezing of the Cold War. No Bay of Pigs, hence no Cuban Missile Crisis. No arming of the Taliban, to teach those Russians a lesson. No Weapons of Mass Destruction, hence no… The list goes on and on. The CIA stands in relation to the White House as the drug dealer stands to the addict."

"Palestinians draw line at criminal court"

"New US reality: An empire beyond salvation" by Ramzy Baroud

"Criminalizing Criticism of Israel in Canada"  Slimy moves by the Conservatives to introduce Jewish lawfare into Canadian law.

"The US: Let the Syrians eat bombs"  In both Iraq and Syria we are seeing the standard Jewish plan of tricking gentiles into fighting one another for as long as possible.

"Right-wing myths with an endless shelf life"
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