Thursday, June 05, 2014


"Obama's Europe doctrine: Too much stupid, not enough serious"  "DC Madam on National Security Priapicy"  It is not so much stupidity, as the death throes of empire.  They have to appear to be doing something, but have no idea of what to do.

"Just as we predicted, India’s new leader is about to make Pierre Omidyar a lot richer" by Mark Ames

"The Con-Artist Wing of the Democratic Party" by Matt Stoller.  There are some big mysteries in Tim Geithner's life, but it is not a mystery that the oligarchy looked after Tim Geithner, and he really, really, looked out for them.

"Israeli Murdered in Brussels Was Israeli Spy"  I'll suppose you'll note there is not a shred of evidence in this piece, but it may be true anyway.  And the guy caught by the French is almost certainly not the shooter.  Of course, what the Europeans should have noted is that their splendid little proxy war in Syria has returned home.

"Check out the new Rolling Stones logo"
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