Saturday, August 09, 2014

Day of Rage

The extreme un-Canadianness of Stephen Harper:  "Ottawa refuses to let injured Gaza children into Canada for treatment"

Backfiring attempts of Jodi Rudoren to whitewash genocide:  "Another Shameful 'NYT' Casualty Count".  She is clearly an enabler of genocide and should be prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for it (the fact the NYT keeps going back and forth on its lies may indicate that the lies are being vetted by legal advisers).  Also:  "Rudoren: I did not have journalistic relations with that censor"

"So now the murder of Gaza families is blamed on Israel AND Hamas, according to WP"

"False reports on Roquette Synagogue 'attack' should be rectified"  We're going to be seeing a lot of this crap.  Not only was there no anti-Semitic attack, the violence was from the Jewish Defence League!

Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
"Someone explain this: why do hasbara trolls posting ridiculous pro-Israel propaganda often use made up Arabic names like "Abu Muhammad"?"
Tweet (Kamel Hawwash):
"In the occupied West Bank there are Jewish only settlements,roads & busses. Which other ‘Western style democracy’ could get away with this?"
Galloway on BDS. Not nearly far enough, but better than the lite Zionist tricksters and their enablers.  It should not be a big shock to realize if you are going to stop World Jewry and its violent racist group supremacism, you are going to have to boycott World Jewry.  Violence is against our values (but not theirs), and is counterproductive, but 100% economic shunning of Jews and Jewish businesses will work.  Anything less may assuage your 'liberal values' (handed to you by Jews), but will failWe have to stop them.  Only once Occupied Palestine is under majority rule can we deal with them again.

"Seven “deadly Lies” About Gaza"

"Palestinian Open Letter to UNSG Ban Ki-moon on Gaza"  Bribed or blackmailed is the only possible explanation.

Tweet (Israel Defence Force - parody account):
" He should know, half our soldiers are Russian."
I'll bet the privates are Russian and the officer Khazar!
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