Friday, August 01, 2014

inverted nazi hand gestures will lead to mix dancing

"Debunking Israel's 'self-defense' argument"  "Slaughter is not self-defense: The assault on Gaza and the corruption of language"  Always remember it is not a 'war' - it is a series of high-tech massacres of caged civilians, unprovoked and absolutely without the slightest justification whatsoever, based on a revolving series of bogus excuses (three dead settlers, then rockets - until the FAA problem - and then tunnels, which apparently must be removed entirely until the IDF leaves and Hamas re-digs them all in three weeks!).

Tweet (Dima Eleiwa):
""I always thought that Israel controls Gaza. But today, I have realized that Israel controls all Arab countries except Gaza."-Mohamed Zeyara"
Tweet (Yousef Munayyer):
"Nothing quite says "We are working to get a cease-fire" like giving one side lots more weapons. "
"Harry Fear “ordered to leave Gaza” by Hamas after tweeting rocket locations"  Tweet (Maha Rezeq):
"Plz report the Twitter page of this for spying on . "
"Senate blocks aid to Israel"  While ZOG obviously is still in full rule over the slaves of the United States, this must be causing a bit of consternation in the Khazar back rooms.

"David Frum's Apology for His Nutty Theory Links to More Nutty Theories" Good analysis from Gawker of all places.

"Tweet and delete: On Gaza, celebrity courage — and cowardice — over social media"  It is funny how the real reason - absolute Jewish control over the entertainment, sports and media industries - is never mentioned, but I guess we have to give Salon some credit for being brave enough to raise the issue.

"Collective Punishment in Gaza" by Rashid Khalidi.  Weird to see this in the appallingly Zionist New Yorker.

Tweet (ChristianChristensen):
"Sweden's refusal to even critique Israel over Gaza is the extinguishing of last glimmer of Palme-era Swedish foreign policy. "
If you can't bribe or blackmail a good person who somehow ends up as a politician, you just have to kill him or her (the three murders to consider are Bernadotte, Palme, and Lindh).

Greg Mitchell:
"Where to begin with this new NYT video?  It seeks to balance the deadly Israeli attack on Gaza school two nights ago with  a rocket attack on an Israeli school--"Both Israeli, Hamas rockets hit schools"--
except that it turns out the rocket landed only near, not at,  the school and no one was hurt.  And the Gaza attack? The copy on the Times page mentions 30 "injured" and the narration of the video also talks only of "injured" (no mention of the many deaths).   h/t Patrick Connors"

Tweet (Peter Maass):
Embedded image permalink"
"Picture Of The Day: Neturei Karta Members Doing Inverted Nazi Salute At Anti-Israel Protest"  I found my title in the comments.
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