Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To whom the promise was made

Comment by lysias to a Mondoweiss posting:
"Why do Jews who think Palestine was promised to them by God not think that Muslims are included among those to whom the land was promised? After all, Muslims believe in one God, they practise circumcision, they observe (or are at least supposed to observe) dietary laws, they have a complicated religious legal code to follow, they honor the prophets, they believe the Hebrew Bible is divine revelation. There are good grounds for believing that the Palestinians, at any rate, are descended from the ancient Hebrews. What is there about them that means they are not recipients of the promise?"
Also, the promise was certainly not made to the Khazars who have always been the ringleaders of Zionism.  Zionists don't even attempt to deal with these contradictions in their crazed justifications for mass murder and land theft, because they can't.
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