Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Winter is coming.  So Putin gets his way.  A little whining from the Right, but politicians from all northern climates find it difficult to explain why their voters are freezing in the dark.  "Russia freezes Ukraine into submission: Kiev admits country doesn't have enough fuel for winter"  Note the neo-Nazis openly discussing blowing up pipelines.  There will be more fluff and puff and nonsense, but World Jewry and its American stooge lost this War For The Jews (btw, at absolutely m-a-s-s-s-i-v-e collateral expense to the American Empire as Putin scrambled).

"Canada-based think tank documents 26 violations after Hamas-Israel ceasefire"  All by World Jewry, of course.

"Return of the Magyars: Hungary’s President Calls Out the US as Morally and Financially Bankrupt"  A dangerous speech.

"The Truth about Voice of Russia v. 2"  A CIA attack?

Tweet (Billmon):
"3. It appears someone "nudged" Prof. Sunstein's views of presidential war powers. 2004: 2014: "
The hunt for the evil financiers of IS/ISIS/ISIL continues: "Petrodollar Panic: EU Officials Admit Buying Oil From ISIS"
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