Thursday, September 25, 2014

He's back!

"A Look Inside The Secret Deal With Saudi Arabia That Unleashed The Syrian Bombing"

You'll note that the argument is utterly circular, and therefore nonsense of some kind.  The proposition is that the United States had to do what the Saudis wanted - attack Assad - in order to get the Saudi support required to have a united front in order to be able to do what the Saudis wanted!  And why would the Saudis want to help Qatar pump gas to Europe?  Aren't Saudi Arabia and Qatar at odds these days?  Despite attempts to paper it over, the rift is extremely deep, one might say theological.

It is the Jewish billionaires and Israel who are behind this, explaining why Barry uncomfortably soldiers on with an obviously stupid and doomed War For The Jews. the dual purpose of which is to complete the Yinon plan for Iraq and weaken Hezbollah - so Israel can steal Lebanese land and water - by separating it from Iran.

The only interesting part of the posting is at the end, the official return of Bandar Bush!
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