Sunday, September 07, 2014


"Robert Kagan: America's Dangerous Aversion to Conflict"  Yeah, when I think of Americans, the first term that comes to mind is 'peaceniks'.  How odd it is to hear from a Khazar that Americans aren't fighting enough wars.

Meanwhile, the New York Times is concerned about Norwegians abusing the wonderful American think-tank system for their own selfish aims.  Wars For The Vikings?

Margolis slips in a bit of that-which-must-never-be-said (my emphasis in red):
"The problem is that too many cooks in Washington are spoiling its Mideast soup. In his magnificent new book, “The Sleepwalkers,” Prof. Christopher Clark of Cambridge describes how World War I was in part ignited by small numbers of anti-German officials in France, Russia, Serbia and Britain who often undermined their own government’s moderate policies.
The same process occurred under President George W. Bush when cabals of neocon officials in the Pentagon, State Department, CIA and media drove the US into a calamitous war whose negative effects are still being felt.
Today, other pro-war cliques in official Washington are at it again, each trying to dominate policy. Add a bunch of pro-Israel billionaires who have bought both the Republican and Democratic parties, apparently including Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president."
Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Flight Radar shows El Al planes crossing right across Saudi Arabia"
Heartwarming: "Ukraine: A Catastrophic Defeat" by Tim Judah.

Tweet (Tikun Olam):
"Little known facts: Steven Sotloff 1st came 2 ME on Birthright hasbara program & became Israeli citizen."
"Top 5 Signs the US is de facto allied with Iran versus ISIL"

"Spanish establishment trembles before Podemos advance"

"Exclusive: Israel's Video Justifying Destruction of a Gaza Hospital Was From 2009"  They keep doing this as they know the Jew-controlled media would never challenge them on it.

"Israel’s defense would benefit from converting 10 million people to Judaism"  Misleading headline as supremacists wouldn't dilute the pool like this.  The entire piece drips with supremacism.
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