Saturday, November 22, 2014


"Factsheet: Home Demolitions and Caterpillar":
"Since its occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem following the 1967 war, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has destroyed more than 18,000 Palestinian homes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)."
Note the blatant racism in the demolition of the homes of the families of Palestinian 'terrorists'; that kind of punishment is never applied if an exactly identical crime, not to mention a much, much, much more common crime, is committed by a Jew against Palestinians.

"In Israel, only Jewish blood shocks anyone" (Levy):
"A few hours after the attack in Jerusalem, journalist Emily Amrousi said at a conference in Eilat that the life of a single Jewish child was more important to her than the lives of thousands of Palestinian children. The audience’s response was clearly favorable; I think there was even some applause."

"A 'Child' Is Missing–From a New York Times Headline"  Of course, one of the best consequences of the squatter rabbi removals was that everybody noticed the extreme overreaction of wailing by the Jew-controlled mainstream American media, with absolutely no recognition of the ongoing slaughter, often mass slaughter, of Palestinians.

"Synagogue killings on the site of an Israeli massacre of Palestinians"  That yeshiva was where it was as a celebration of Jewish power, and those foreign-born rabbis where all where they were for a reason, and cannot in any way be described as innocents.
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