Thursday, November 13, 2014

All Hands On Deck

"Dem Think Tank Secret Email: ‘All Hands On Deck’ to Sell Iran Deal to Public" (part of the concerted attempt by World Jewry to derail peace between gentiles; I assume the "D.C.-based organization" is AIPAC):
"One senior foreign policy hand at a D.C.-based organization called Truman’s email “reckless.”
“It’s reckless but not surprising,” said the source, who would only discuss the email on background. “The Truman Institute long ago stopped being a real policy shop and instead became a PR machine for the Obama administration’s foreign policy. The White House will take a deal no matter what, so the Truman Institute is pushing a deal no matter what.”"
"Assange and the European Arrest Warrant" The weird hatred of The Guardian for Assange comes in part from his publicly embarrassing 'journalists' from The Guardian for incompetently releasing the password for the 'Cablegate' archive, thus forcing WikiLeaks to release the entire archive.

"Petrodollar Panic? China Signs Currency Swap Deal With Qatar & Canada"  American commentators are either ignoring or dismissing the importance of an obvious world-wide effort to put an end to the evils of the American Empire by depriving it of the financing provided by the world reserve currency status of the American dollar.  People are tired of all the Wars For The Jews.

"As conditions worsen in Gaza, residents ask: ‘Where have all the activists gone?’"  As predicted, Israel is free to go on its merry genocidal way as long as bombs aren't actually falling.
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