Sunday, November 23, 2014

Irreplaceable ally

"Bringing apartheid through the back door" (my emphasis in red):
"Since Israeli governments proved time and again that “facts on the ground” are very hard to change, and given the distinct possibility that the shifting balance of world-power will dramatically fortify Israel as an irreplaceable ally for the west, the successful enactment of apartheid will postpone indefinitely the creation of a Palestinian state and shift the site of conflict and oppression from the occupied territories to the very core of Israeli society."
Note that Nuland's War For The Jews in Ukraine is supposed to bring about the New Cold War, allowing Israel to go back to its status of the 80's, when it supposedly served as an anti-Soviet bulwark for the Americans.  World Jewry created Islamophobia and the Global War On Terror to replace the loss of the Cold War, but people are finally tiring of all the hate and expense of the GWOT, and World Jewry has decided to recreate the Cold War to continue its parasitic relationship with the Americans.  Nuland is working from the long-term plan of World Jewry.

Tweet (Joanne MacInnes):
"Brilliant letter 2 Save The Children by Nicolas J Davies re child killer Tony Bliar "
"Feeling safer?"  Also, of course:  "Head of United States Naval Intelligence Is Not Currently Allowed to See Classified Material"

Tweet (Zaid Jilani):
"Someone should trick DeBlasio. Tell him a Palestinian mob lynched an Israeli bus driver, get reax, then tell him actually opposite happened."
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