Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lee Harvey Kassig

Freedom fighting!

Somebody ought to tell George that Bibi don't need no excuses, or he just makes them up (or has George forgotten what happened in Gaza over the summer?).  Monbiot's political judgment is so horrible that you have to wonder if he is up to something with his environmental stuff.  Oh, and in case you need a deep politics explanation (though you also have to wonder what deep mining - and it is all about resource extraction - politics the BBC is up to):
  1. "No Holds Barred: Netanyahu and Kagame" (Shmuley);
  2. "Paul Kagame’s Rabbi"
  3. "Rwanda Leader Paul Kagame Gets Jewish Embrace — But What About Human Rights?"
Tweet (Rina Andolini):
" John Kerry did not condemn the 51 days of terror on Gaza, he did not condemn the shooting of a child... "
Lee Harvey Kassig (post-mortem legend building).  'Journalist' and 'aid worker' are (or were - how stupid do they think ISIL is?  do they care how much they endanger real journalists and aid workers?) excellent covers for espionage/special ops.

"The Persecution of Julian Assange" by John Pilger.  Even the British government seems to be tiring of the evil Swedes.

"Iran Nuclear Pact Faces an Array of Opposing Forces"  By 'array' they mean Jews and the scum the Jews pay and blackmail to do their dirty peace-destroying work.  Tweets by Ali Gharib (note the silly Saudi threat).
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