Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Neocon weekend coup d'etat

The Jewish billionaires have finally told Barry their price for funding his very comfortable retirement - more Wars For The Jews.  They had to wait for the Republicans to retake the Senate so they could force a neocon Secretary of Defense.  In quick succession in the last few days we've seen:
  1. Barry extending and expanding the War For The Jews in Afghanistan;
  2. the mysterious collapse of the Iran peace talks  (Iran thought they were headed for a deal and suddenly the other side turned away - see also "France Mistral Ship Update: Hollande Suspends Decision To Deliver Warships To Russia" connected for the War For The Jews against Russia being carried on in Ukraine);
  3. the rather vicious firing of Hagel, the viciousness coming no doubt from the Jewish idea that he is an anti-Semite due to his skepticism at running all American foreign and military policy solely for the benefit of Zionism;
  4. a new call for more sanctions on Iran in order to undermine any chances for peace (note the change from November 21 - "Why Is AIPAC Suddenly So Silent on Iran?" to November 24 - "AIPAC Leads Call for Sanctions to Sabotage Iran Talks").

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