Tuesday, November 11, 2014


"Adelson and Saban Try To Out-Hawk Each Other"  "Sheldon Adelson: Palestinians are made-up nation that exists only to destroy Israel" Useful reminder of the mindset of the Jewish billionaires who determine American policy.

"Conflict Kitchen wrappers spark conversation on foundation’s role"  "Conflict Kitchen closes after death threat"  Website  "Conflict Kitchen Responds to Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article of Nov. 6th"  "Statement to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and others who frame our Palestinian Interview handouts as “anti-Israeli messages”"  PDF of the food wrapper/existential threat.

"The Declaration of No Human Rights" by Shaker Aamer, illustrations by Tom Scotcher.  A window into everybody's future.

"Official: Israel independently learned of secret U.S. letter to Iran"  Guess the traitor:  Rice?  Power?  Rhodes?

The Onion:  "Navy Forms Elite New SEAL Team To Write Best-Selling Tell-All Books"
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