Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Single defining fact

"Free College or Another New War?:  The reason the United States is effectively a third world country for 99% of its citizens is the cost of all the Wars For The Jews.  The phony differences between the two American political parties are engineered to cover up this single defining fact of American politics.  The problems will continue until the single defining fact is openly acknowledged, and the perps made to pay.

"Julian Assange: Cyber-Libertarian or Cyber-Anarchist?"  The worship - and that's exactly the right word - of the mythological creature known as the 'free market' is quite a remarkable and deadly mistake.

"Brazil: Guarani ‘despair’ as female leader murdered"

"Canada Accused of Failing to Prevent Overseas Mining Abuses"

"I have no idea why The USA is so keen on signing Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with other countries"

"The Islamic State’s Ideology is Grounded in Saudi Education"

"Svoboda nazi apologist quits party to become head of Security Service propaganda"  "“Patriot of Ukraine” neo-nazi militant appointed as Kiev head of police"

"Sources: Navy intel chief's security clearance suspended, can't view classified info"

"People of Burkina Faso Drive Blaise Campaoré from Power"  This is how you do it:
"Protestors in Ougadougou lit the Parliament Building on fire to keep its members from amending Burkina Faso’s Constitution to allow Blaise Campaore to cling to power."
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