Thursday, November 06, 2014


"The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine (Updated)"  As some of the comments note, this is very sophisticated and tricky pro-settler hasbara.

"Chickenshitgate: A dissenting view"  A lot of good points, but there is no serious way to read this strange incident other than as a Goldberg-Netanyahu-Rhodes conspiracy (and the timing right before the mid-term elections is no accident).  It is useful to be reminded, however, of how ideologically Zionist Bibi - and every other Israeli leader - has always been (i.e., absolutely no chance of a Palestinian state from any of them).  Btw, did Sheldon Adelson hold a party to celebrate the Israeli win?

"Is the Justice Department Shielding an Anti-Iran Smear Campaign?"  Another bizarre story of American subservience to Zionism, particularly so as the State Department simultaneously seems to be operating mostly in good faith to get a deal with Iran.

"Susan Rice, Israel, and the midterm elections"  Rwanda, Iran deal, fun.

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