Monday, November 24, 2014

Unmentionable facts about Michèle Flournoy

From Right Web:
"In 2012, as the Obama administration was deciding on a new Pentagon chief, rightwing groups attempted to promote a Flournoy candidacy. The rightwing Times of Israel reported in December 2012 that talk of Flournoy's nomination had been "welcomed by conservative and pro-Israel groups," in part because of Flournoy's familiarity with Israeli security issues like the Iron Dome missile shield, regional arms sales, "and the importance of Israel's military edge over its neighbors."[17]
Numerous neoconservative actors also promoted Flournoy's candidacy because of their opposition to leading nominee—and Obama's eventual choice for the position—Chuck Hagel, a former Republican senator known for his bipartisanship as well as his criticism of one-sided U.S. support for Israel.
In December 2012, the New Republic reported that, "Flournoy—the Pentagon's former undersecretary of defense for policy, and the head of Obama's transition team for the Department of Defense—has become the name that conservatives have floated as an alternative to Obama's rumored pick to replace Leon Panetta: Former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel, whom Republicans have never forgiven for his role as one of the Iraq war's greatest critics and his occasional endorsements of Democrats. Flournoy's apparent supporters now include the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol (who essentially argued that she wouldn't be as objectionable as Hagel), former George W. Bush administration Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and [Mitt Romney] foreign policy adviser Dan Senor."[18]"
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