Monday, November 24, 2014

Upside down

"Report: US Blocks Pollard Parole Request - Again"  "Denial of Pollard's Parole was 'Deeply Flawed'"  "Netanyahu Meets with Esther Pollard"  The funniest thing I've read all week:  "Pollard’s parole plastering"

It is amazing to read the upside down military propaganda spread by the American mainstream media, such as this account of the government of Syria fighting al-Qaeda terrorist forces:  "Aleppo, Syria, could soon be under siege by government troops"

"Pro-Israel activists ask MPs to halt non-violent BDS protests" Another part of the never-ending destructiveness of World Jewry in attempting to shield JSIL.

"The Many Iranian Obstacles in the Way of a Strong Nuclear Deal"  Two Jews discuss how to wreck peace between gentiles.  Note the 'funny' caption under the picture, revealing the enormous lack of professionalism in The Atlantic, and the essential Zionist propaganda message of the piece.
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