Friday, November 21, 2014

We think the price is worth it

"Washington plays Russian roulette" by Pepe Escobar.   I don't foresee WWIII, but this War For The Jews has turned Ukraine into a permanent, unsalvageable basket-case, Europe is going to end up much poorer than it now, and Russia has been forced to accelerate the process of creating the new world order led by the BRICS.

"John Baird: Russia’s aggression is against its own best interest"  Bizarre collection of lies from the closet-case whose whole life is a lie.

 "TFF PressInfo # 292: Brisbane – A show of Western weakness"

"Syrian team, Putin to discuss relaunching peace talks: source"

"UN Ambassador Warns Against Intervention Fatigue"  Power channels Madeleine Albright.

"Salaita sues Univ. of Illinois for refusing to release emails related to firing"  The dog-ate-my-Jewish-billionaire-donor's-memo defense is going to make it to a courtroom!

"The Assange case and the deceitful Swedish prosecutor" Assange is still having trouble picking his friends.

"The 4 Jacobs and the 2100 Esaus" by Michael Hoffman

"US media erase Israeli state and settler violence":
"Noting that the attack site is located in what used to be Deir Yassin — a Palestinian village destroyed in 1948 after Zionist militias deliberately executed more than one hundred of its inhabitants, including children — the Post rendered the massacre an unproven accusation against Israel.
Following an uproar on social media, the Post quietly removed the reference to Deir Yassin from the piece without issuing an explanation or correction."
The Onion: "5 Million Illegal Immigrants To Realize Dreams Of Having Deportation Deferred"

Not The Onion:  "Prince Albert Raiders' new mascot causes stir:  Western Hockey League team unveils Boston the Arabian raider"
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