Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Old-school conspiracies, again

"More Data on Attributing the Sony Attack" (Bruce Schneier)

"Inside The Secret Budapest Meeting Of 'Racial Realists'":
"The genesis of the event was an announcement by the National Policy Institute in Washington, which sees itself as a right-wing think tank. It is so far right that nobody in the political mainstream wants to be associated with it."
"National Policy Institute" "Hungary Wants To Ban National Policy Institute Conference"  So, obviously an American stunt (note that the National Policy Institute is connected to the Pioneer Fund, which is connected to the highest levels of the American establishment), and we ought to be considering the American origins of the new European Islamophobia (which, of course, is based on the Jewish concept of Islamophobia). 

"The Bell Curve and the Pioneer Fund"  Of course, The Bell Curve was heavily promoted by The New Republic.  Sullivan's comical attempt at defending himself and TNR.

These mysterious Asian plane crashes - I'm wondering if the Americans have identified a 'terrorist' on board flights originating in Muslim countries and are shooting down whole planes as a 'targeted assassination'.  Barry insists on his right to do such things, and the horror of it is completely within the scope of what we've seen Americans doing.

"Mysterious Chinese Blogger Predicted AirAsia Disappearance Two Weeks Ago"

"Why the Secrecy on the Mh17 Investigation"

The Saker:
"There is no doubt my mind that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian SU-25, possibly one of several Su-25s patrolling the skies that day to intercept a civilian airliner the downing of which was to become the "surprise" Poroshenko promised and which Kolomoiskii probably organized."
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