Monday, December 29, 2014

Thank u Sony

All you really need to know about lite Zionism and the Israeli 'left':  "Former Peace Now Activist to Run with Jewish Home"

Avi seems to be posing a problem for Bibi, so:  "Avigdor Lieberman: Hard-right Israeli minister's fate in balance after aides arrested for fraud"

America, your 'lefty' heroes are frauds (and who are these 'bullies and censors'?):
"I have just booked "The Interview" to play at my theater, The Bijou, in Traverse City, MI, beginning on Christmas Day. Shows each morning and late night. We must always stand against bullies and censors. Thank u Sony."

If you trust their numbers - and I don't - it appears Sony has made just about enough money off The Interview to partly pay the costs of Franco's entourage.

"The Prosecution of the CIA Whistleblower Who Revealed Waterboarding to the World"  It is as if somebody is convicted of murder and then the alleged murder victim walks into the police station, and they still won't let the guy out of jail.  Much of what the Americans do now concerning things like illegal torture, Guantanamo, and innumerable Wars For The Jews, is done just so they don't have to own up to all the wrongdoing.

"The Mysterious Case of Prisoner 212"

"Working the Dark Side:  David Bromwich writes about torture"

"How The CIA's Torture Program Is Destroying The Key Foreign Power The US Had: The Moral High Ground"  It is rarely recognized - but see here - that Barry was forced to deal with Cuba to avoid an embarrassing public conflict with almost all of Latin America.:  "Cuba to attend first-ever Americas summit - Panama"

"Why Cuba always had the superior moral ground over the US"

An example of the Jewish billionaire problem:  "Meet the Falics: West Bank settlement funders, Netanyahu backers, and owners of Duty Free America"

"Wiesenthal Center top 10 list: Worst global anti-Semitic/anti-Israel incidents of 2014"  You'll note that almost all officially recognized 'anti-Semitism' is in one way or another a protest of Jewish supremacist violence.
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