Tuesday, December 02, 2014

They assume you will give up

"Putin Kills "South Stream" Pipeline, Will Build New Massive Pipeline To Turkey Instead"  It is a consistent pattern that the Americans and their stooges take actions on the assumption that their opponents will have no options but to succumb and give up, yet Putin, and others (Syria, Iran, Venezuela, China, etc.) , continue to prove that this assumption is not true.  Now Bulgaria has permanently fucked itself.  "Who won? Who lost? You tell me!"

"Documents show how eBay’s Meg Whitman and Pierre Omidyar conspired to steal Craigslist’s secrets"  It is amazing that Crazy Pierre hasn't yet bought Pando just to shut it up in the way he is building First Look Media to constrain and control the alternative American media.

Siding with the Nazis against the anti-Nazis isn't just the new idea of Victoria Nuland:  "Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret"

"The Saudi King who fought the wrong wars"

"Dishonest Jerusalem Post Headline On UK Town’s Israeli Settlement Boycott. This is journalism?"

"Anti-Defamation League creates blacklist of groups that link Ferguson to Palestine" The idea that the people of Ferguson and Palestine are victims in the same struggle for human values scares the hell out of World Jewry.  Of course, the fact that the |Israelis are actually training American police thugs in their Jewish supremacist racist violent methods just underscores the point.

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