Friday, January 02, 2015

2015 already better than 2014

"Woman who sued convicted billionaire over sex abuse levels claims at his friends":
"The federal investigation obtained manifests for Epstein’s private jet travel, but prosecutors never charged anyone besides the investor with involvement in obtaining or using underaged girls for sexual purposes.
The new court filing says this result is in part due to the fact that Epstein’s legal team—which included such heavyweights as former independent counsel and solicitor general Ken Starr, trial lawyer Roy Black, and Dershowitz—negotiated a deal that precluded the feds charging anyone as a co-conspirator.
Lawyers for Jane Doe #3 argue in the new motion that Dershowitz put this language in the agreement to protect himself.
However, the law professor told POLITICO he didn’t negotiate that deal and it wasn't aimed at protecting him. “I had nothing to do with drafting the non-prosecution agreement,” he said.
Dershowitz added that the last draft of the agreement mentioned four people by name who wouldn’t be prosecuted and he was not among them. All were regular associates or assistants of Epstein, the lawyer said, adding that the final language removed those names and simply barred federal prosecutors in South Florida from going after any potential co-conspirators.
Epstein and his lawyers fought hard to prevent records about his plea negotiations from being turned over to victims’ attorneys. However, U.S. District Court Judge Keith Marra ruled last year that the victims are entitled to examine those records to prepare their case against the government.
Epstein, Black and others appealed that decision to the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, but it ruled in April of this year that no privilege protects plea negotiations in this sort of dispute."
Tweet (Old Long Time):
"@WHarkavy @RaniaKhalek @MaxBlumenthal @BenjaminNorton Lansky's Havana. Same m.o. Gotchas made to order. This is about extortion, not sex."
It would be hilarious if the same sex blackmail technique used by Jewish billionaires to keep their gentile politicians on a Zionist line turned around and bit them in the ass.
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