Monday, January 26, 2015

Al Qaeda's air force

"Syria's President Speaks:  A Conversation With Bashar al-Assad" (in Foreign Affairs!!!):
"But the Israelis have been very careful since the war began to not get involved except when they felt their interests were directly threatened.
That’s not true, because they’ve been attacking Syria now for nearly two years, without any reason.
But in each case, they say it’s because Hezbollah was being given weapons from Iran through Syria.
They attacked army positions. What is the relation between Hezbollah and the army?
Those were cases where the army accidentally shelled ...
Those are false allegations.
So what do you think Israel’s agenda is?
They are supporting the rebels in Syria. It’s very clear. Because whenever we make advances in some place, they make an attack in order to undermine the army. It’s very clear. That’s why some in Syria joke: “How can you say that al Qaeda doesn’t have an air force? They have the Israeli air force.”"
"A logical and cogent suicide thesis for Alberto Nisman"  I don't for one second believe it was suicide, but the fact that the investigation is pointing that way is fairly strong evidence that the actual murder was conducted by Argentine intelligence services, the same group which was feeding Nisman the Zionist lies, and, of course, the same group which controls the investigation.  The ultimate goal is a return to extreme right-wing government in Argentina.

"Alberto Nisman shooting: Journalist Damian Pachter flees Argentina in fear for his life after breaking the story":
"Argentina suspects rogue agents from its own intelligence services were behind Mr Nisman's death. The government said last week it believed Mr Nisman's allegations and his death were linked to a power struggle at Argentina's intelligence agency and agents who had recently been fired."
'Rogue' is the way to let the matter die without getting into a full-fledged battle with the out-of-control intelligence services.

"Israel’s False Flags over Argentina"  Tying the 1994 bombing to domestic Israeli politics at the time.

"US Special Forces in Mariupol?"  ""Out Of My Face Please" - Why Are US Soldiers In Mariupol?"  The good news is that Americans are just as ineffective in Ukraine as they are everywhere else, and the freedom fighters continue to prevail.

"Occupier’s justice: heads and tails you lose" by Jonathan Cook.  An excellent example of the legal shenanigans which every honest person in the world identifies as 'Jewish'.  See also Lawfare, various land-stealing tricks used by the Jewish National Fund, tax trickery in Canada and the US, Dersh's life work, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc . . .

"WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US government"  Letter to Google.  No shock at all when you realize that Google is no more and no less than a branch office of the Pentagon.

The main problem with conspiracy theory these days is that it does not go far enough - things are much, much, much more radically fucked than anyone is capable of believing.  The Highlands Forum is just a taste (note the fact that false-flag terrorism is an official part of American special operations, and, as usual, the central role of Rumsfeld):
"Official corroboration that this strategy is now operational came with the leak of a 2008 US Army special operations field manual. The US military, the manual said, can conduct irregular and unconventional warfare by using surrogate non-state groups such as “paramilitary forces, individuals, businesses, foreign political organizations, resistant or insurgent organizations, expatriates, transnational terrorism adversaries, disillusioned transnational terrorism members, black marketers, and other social or political ‘undesirables.’” Shockingly, the manual specifically acknowledged that US special operations can involve both counterterrorism and “Terrorism,” as well as: “Transnational criminal activities, including narco-trafficking, illicit arms-dealing, and illegal financial transactions.” The purpose of such covert operations is, essentially, population control — they are “specifically focused on leveraging some portion of the indigenous population to accept the status quo,” or to accept “whatever political outcome” is being imposed or negotiated.
By this twisted logic, terrorism can in some cases be defined as a legitimate tool of US statecraft by which to influence populations into accepting a particular “political outcome” — all in the name fighting terrorism.
Is this what the Pentagon was doing by coordinating the nearly $1 billion of funding from Gulf regimes to anti-Assad rebels, most of which according to the CIA’s own classified assessments ended up in the coffers of violent Islamist extremists linked to al-Qaeda, who went on to spawn the ‘Islamic State’?
The rationale for the new strategy was first officially set out in an August 2002 briefing for the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board, which advocated the creation of a ‘Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group’ (P2OG) within the National Security Council. P2OG, the Board proposed, must conduct clandestine operations to infiltrate and “stimulate reactions” among terrorist networks to provoke them into action, and thus facilitate targeting them.
The Defense Science Board is, like other Pentagon agencies, intimately related with the Highlands Forum, whose work feeds into the Board’s research, which in turn is regularly presented at the Forum.
According to the US intelligence sources who spoke to Hersh, Rumsfeld had ensured that the new brand of black operations would be conducted entirely under Pentagon jurisdiction, firewalled off from the CIA and regional US military commanders, and executed by its own secret special operations command. That chain of command would include, apart from the defense secretary himself, two of his deputies including the undersecretary of defense for intelligence: the position overseeing the Highlands Forum."
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