Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Almost crushed

"Save the New Ukraine" by Bernard-Henri Lévy and George Soros.  This reads like the ultimate parody from the ultimate trollers.

"How The Swiss National Bank Almost Crushed George Soros".  Insider information.

Crooked Jews hiding from justice in Israel isn't even really noteworthy:  "Ukrainian Oligarch Fugitives Wanted by Interpol, Pay Bribes for Israeli Citizenship"

"Waving the “False Flag”" by Philip Giraldi

"Argentine president seeks to dissolve intelligence body" Probably the best indication of who was actually behind the Nisman attacks and the death of Nisman.

"Israel defender Alan Dershowitz has long history of attacking sex abuse victims"  Dersh wants to “considerably” lower the age of consent!  It is amazing that no one has called him out on his general history of neanderthal views on women.

"French president’s Holocaust day speech presages crackdown on Palestine supporters":
"Roger Cuckierman, president of CRIF, France’s main umbrella organization for Jewish communal groups, met with top government officials earlier this month to push for tighter controls on the Internet and stiffer sentences for illegal speech.
CRIF, which is also France’s most prominent Israel advocacy group, has demanded precisely the measures that have been announced – moving racist and anti-semitic speech to a more serious category of crime, and laws regulating speech on Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube “to effectively combat calls for terrorism and anti-Semitic words.”
While CRIF claims that its efforts are aimed at combating bigotry and racism, the group is apparently highly tolerant of violent racism as long as that hatred is directed against Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims.
CRIF’s Cuckierman, for instance, has welcomed the extreme anti-Palestinian Israeli minister Naftali Benett, whose party denies the right to self-determination and even the existence of a Palestinian people, and who has boasted “I have killed lots of Arabs in my life – and there is no problem with that.”
Another senior member of Bennett’s party, lawmaker Ayelet Shaked, notoriously called for genocide of the Palestinians, including exterminating Palestinian mothers because they give birth to “little snakes.” None of this appears to have bothered CRIF."
"Putin’s Message to Obama on Ukraine"  Putin put forth a proposal to stop the mass civilian slaughter in Ukraine - the Ukrainian government's response was to increase the civilian slaughter.

O'Keefe is a real anti-Zionist hero and a charismatic character and so needs to be taken down:  "One-time Antiwar, Environmental Protester Veers Into Seamy World Of Anti-Semitism".  Watch the video and you'll immediately see that O'Keefe is a true progressive.  Also note that almost none of his speech involves Jews, yet that is the entire basis - based almost entirely on the alleged motives of the company he allegedly keeps - of the attack on him!  Of course, the embarrassing Crooks & Liars - a name which seems to be self-referential - has no hope of recognizing a true progressive.
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