Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Does this look like a child molester to you?

"Alan Dershowitz Denies Underage Sex Allegations by "Serial Prostitute""  Wow!  The mindset of a man who would call the child victim of sexual abuse a 'serial prostitute'.  He's a monster!  Of course, we knew that, but it is nice of him to confirm the fact.   Note the comments (love this one).

These men justify their perversions by attacking the character of their victims.

"The prince and the sex offender: Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious relationship"  This is extremely interesting as it touches on the unchallenged assertion that Epstein is a billionaire, despite the fact that nobody seems to be able to explain how he went from being a calculus teacher to being unimaginably rich.  It should be obvious that this wealth is part of his Mossad 'legend', the front they created to make his blackmail operation work.

"Prince Andrew allegation: First pictures of paedo tycoon Jeffrey Epstein's £4k-a-night island lair"  Part of the pimp's front - you can rent it.

"Jeffrey Epstein: Prince Andrew's paedo billionaire pal 'tried to stop girls he abused talking to FBI'"  "Prince Andrew's friend Jeffrey Epstein 'used aggressive witness tampering to prevent truth coming out'"

"Prince Andrew sex allegations: Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein 'had 21 phone numbers' for Bill Clinton"  Clinton was probably the main target of the blackmail operation, soon to be reinstalled in the White House (what will the male term for 'First Lady' be?).  It seems that it was Clinton's pressure that got Epstein the ridiculously lenient plea deal.

"Prince Andrew sex allegations: Documents about Duke of York's support for Jeffrey Epstein 'concealed' by US court"  People are wondering how Prince Andrew could have been so stupid to meet with Epstein after Epstein got out of jail, but if the Mossad continues to blackmail the Prince, perhaps the Prince had no choice.

Everybody who attended these orgies arrived on private planes, and private planes have to file flight manifests, but nobody checks them against who was actually on the plane.

This remains the most important news story - by far - of our time.  It explains so much.
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