Wednesday, January 14, 2015

'Free speech' and 'hate speech'

They have made it abundantly clear.  'Free speech' is speech which advances the interests of the rich and powerful.  'Hate speech' is speech which undermines the interests of the rich and powerful.  We were fooled into accepting hate speech laws on the basis that they were a protection for the weakest in society.  If that was ever true, it is certainly not true now.

"France arrests 54 for defending terror; announces crackdown"

"French comedian Dieudonné arrested as “apologist for terrorism” after Facebook post"

"Liberté d’expression : Dieudonné répond à Bernard Cazeneuve [En 5 langues]"  Note that they are trying to destroy him with the sheer number of legal proceedings, shades of lawfare.

Note that it is 'free speech' to infuriate Muslims by depicting Muhammad, but 'hate speech' to infuriate Jews by drifting even ever-so-slightly off the Official Story of the Holocaust (the Holocaust is the religion of the Jews).  The difference between 'free speech' and 'hate speech' is money and power.  The revisionists tweak the most powerful people in western societies;  the cartoonists tweak the least powerful.
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