Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Make your own jokes

"Dumb and Dumber in Ukraine" by William Blum

"Distortions, lies and omissions: The New York Times won’t tell you the real story behind Ukraine, Russian economic collapse"  Or, the difficulty in writing about a War For The Jews without using the words 'War For The Jews'.  It is impossible to find a non-conspiratorial explanation for the relentless march of European leaders towards doom.

"Ukraine’s Lower Class Military"  The good news is that the Ukrainians get the shit kicked out of them every time they face the freedom fighting soldiers from eastern Ukraine.  The bad news is they are killing a lot of civilians and destroying a lot of infrastructure, and the Ukrainian government seems to have been authorized to up the rate of slaughter.

Tweet (rui borges):
""'s army is ready to defend Europe" must see how it "defends" civilians NOW."
"Paris attacks: US politician Jack Lindblad claims Charlie Hebdo killings were by 'US and Mossad' to keep Israel's Netanyahu in power"

"More good news, this time from France"  It is illegal for him to tell his old jokes, so he pauses and smiles, and the audience fills in the blanks and laughs.

"Germany Pegida: Protest leader quits in 'Hitler' row":
"The head of German "anti-Islamisation" movement Pegida, Lutz Bachmann, has resigned after a photo of him apparently posing as Hitler emerged."

"Bungling Agent Alan Gross Becomes Change Agent in Cuba"

"Fox News Apologizes for Impressively Dumb and Wrong Islam Facts"  "Le Petit Journal Continues Assault On Fox News With 'Operation: Shut The F**k Up!'"  "Paris mayor: I'm suing Fox News over false report on Muslim 'no-go' zones"  The Islamophobic lies of the Jew-controlled media have been a brilliant success, with the hillbilly class of America certain that the enactment of sharia law is either imminent or has already happened.
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