Friday, January 16, 2015

Who's awake?

War For The Jew:  "Europe at War":
"All available resources should be put to work in the war effort, even if that requires running up budget deficits."
"What do insanely poor people buy, that ordinary people know nothing about?"

"Yep, Gasoline Lead Explains the Crime Decline in Canada Too"

"Yellow Journalism of Der Spiegel"

In a nutshell, why the American 'left' is really responsible for all the problems in the United States, due to being completely full of shit:  "Ron Paul Institute Publishes 'False Flag' Conspiracy About Paris Attacks"  Note that this is just a reprint of the piece by Paul Craig Roberts, raising issues that any sane and intelligent person would find reasonable.  Of course, I firmly believe that the left-right division in American politics is a phony spectacle meant to hide the fact that the American government is incapable of spending money on its citizens due to wasting it all fighting Wars For The Jews.

"Charlie Hebdo and Fredou: Who's awake, who's still in bed?"  The peculiar disinterest of the mainstream media makes this story even more suspicious.

Publicity was the only thing that saved them from being, as we used to say, 'jewed':  "Bennett overturns decision to charge Paris victims' families".  I hope the French Jewish community reflects on the implications of this.

Tweet (Maureen Murphy):
". refuses to say that Joan Peters' "From Time Immemorial" was a fraud, resorts to "competing narrative" BS "

"Je Suis Donbass"  There is a mass slaughter of civilians going on in Ukraine by the Ukrainian government but since it was organized by World Jewry for Jewish supremacist aims - weakening Putin - it is not news.  Of course, on the general model created by World Jewry, they are trying to label as 'terrorists' the people defending themselves against the mass civilian slaughter.

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