Tuesday, February 03, 2015


"Venezuela: a Coup in Real Time" (my emphasis in red; note the typical FBI sting operation usually employed to entrap Muslims):
". . . an absurdly sensationalist and misleading headline ran in several U.S. papers, in print and online, linking Venezuela to nuclear weapons and a plan to bomb New York City (“U.S. Scientist Jailed for Trying to Help Venezuela Build Bombs”, Jan. 30, 2015, NPR). While the headline leads readers to believe Venezuela was directly involved in a terrorist plan against the U.S., the actual text of the article makes clear that no Venezuelans were involved at all. The whole charade was an entrapment set up by the FBI, whose officers posed as Venezuelan officials to capture a disgruntled nuclear physicist who once worked at Los Alamos and had no Venezuela connection."
"Venezuela is suffering from the sudden and dramatic plummet in oil prices. The country’s oil-dependent economy has severely contracted and the government is taking measures to reorganize the budget and guarantee access to basic services and goods, but people are still experiencing difficulties. Unlike the dismal portrayal in The New York Times, Venezuelans are not starving, homeless or suffering from mass unemployment, as countries such as Greece and Spain have experienced under austerity policies. Despite certain shortages – some caused by currency controls and others by intentional hoarding, sabotage or contraband – 95% of Venezuelans consume three meals per day, an amount that has doubled since the 1990s. The unemployment rate is under 6% and housing is subsidized by the state."
There is a lot of good material in Zero Hedge, but they are consistently beneath contempt - and thus generally untrustworthy - when dealing with Venezuela: "Venezuela's Largest Pharmacy Chain Execs Jailed For 'Provoking The People With Economic War'"

Similarly, note how the Ukrainian freedom fighters' attempts at defense of their civilian populations from a murderous attack by the Ukrainian junta is completely turned backwards!:  "As Ukraine Peace Talks Collapse, Civilians Flee However They Can".  The civilian slaughter has been going on for months but has suddenly become a 'crisis' as Ukrainian civilians are dying in the crossfire as the freedom fighters successfully encircle the junta forces.

"AFP: Calling Americans 'A Great People' Is 'Anti-American'"  Intentionally misleading headline but both the Russians and the freedom fighters know that this is a War For The Jews set up by the wife of neocon Robert Kagan.

"U.S. Government Tried to Give Nuclear Plans to Iraq and Nobody Cares"  Interesting due to the importance of weapons of mass destruction in the propaganda lies that led to the American attack on Iraq.
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