Thursday, February 12, 2015

I know you are but what am I?

"Wretched US Journalism on Ukraine" by Robert Parry:
"Nearly all the 5,000 or more people who have died in the civil war have been killed in eastern Ukraine with ethnic Russian civilians bearing the brunt of those fatalities, many killed by artillery barrages from the Ukrainian army firing into populated centers and using cluster-bomb munitions."
This is consistently described by the Jew-controlled media - and good luck making sense of any of this if you fail to realize this is the Jew-controlled media describing a War For The Jews! - as Ukrainian civilians being massacred, somehow, by Putin and the Russians.  They have completely turned the facts on their head!  The sheer audacity - well, chutzpah is the appropriate term - is amazing!

Also:  "NYT Whites Out Ukraine’s Brown Shirts" by Robert Parry.  Cleaning up the swastika problem.

"Skepticism was rife about the prospects for a deal that did not reward armed force . . ."  The 'armed force' the NYT is referring to is the freedom fighters of eastern Ukraine pushing back the junta forces who have  been shelling civilian areas of eastern Ukraine for months.  Again, a simply unbelievable lack of journalistic ethics.

It is lucky that the junta army is so utterly bad, and the freedom fighters so good, or we would have an absolute bloodbath in eastern Ukraine.  Not that the Jew-controlled media would tell us about it.

Oh, and in case you think the latest Minsk agreement is anything more than theater:  "Gazprom seeks Ukrainian gas payments:  Russian company looking for debt settlement after IMF extends hand to Kiev"

"Channel 4's Cathy Newman apologises for 'misunderstanding' over mosque"  "Cathy Newman apologises and quits Twitter over 'inappropriate' claims she was made to leave a London mosque"  Question:  how does this barefaced liar still have a job?  Answer:  the victims of her lies were Muslims.
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