Sunday, February 01, 2015

Mashugana Mughniyah stories

"Some Questions On Today's Mughniyah Stories"

"Does the US really want to declare war on Hizbullah?"

Everyone immediately recognizes that the relevant aspect of this story - which may or may not bear any resemblance to the truth - is its timing, and the obvious question of what part of American public opinion it is intended to manipulate.

The big Israeli-American issue is Bibi's forced speech, and the ever-so-slight, but extremely uncharacteristic, push back from some parts of the American leadership and media.  Jewish supremacism is acceptable as long as it doesn't undermine American supremacism, and this embarrassment of Barry and the institution of the Presidency crossed the line in a very vulgar way.

Bibi is coming to the United States to influence American politics regarding sanctions on Iran.  What better way to deal with the PR problem than to make up a story of American-Israeli cooperation in ridding the world of a terrible 'terrorist', one working for the Hezbollah-Iran axis of evil, and a man who was allegedly the mastermind behind attacks on both Israeli and American targets?  Sanctions on Iran is just another example of this invaluable cooperation.  Can't Americans get over this partisan bickering to realize that Bibi just wants to help to keep Americans safe in the same way, and against the same common enemy, that CIA-Mossad cooperation has kept Americans safe in the past?
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