Saturday, February 14, 2015

Should we stay indoors?

"Senator "Duped" Into Using Old Photos to Promote New War With Russia"  "Guess Who Peddled 7-Year Old Photos of a Different Country As If They Show a Current Russian Invasion of Ukraine?"  "In Thirst For War, Sen. Inhofe Releases Fake Photos Of Russian Troops In Ukraine"  "How Stupid Do They Think We Are?"  "U.S. Faults Russia as Combat Spikes in East Ukraine" (Michael R. Gordon!).  The professional liars of the Jew-controlled media continue to harp about all the dead civilians (mostly, of course, eastern Ukrainians killed by the shelling by the US-installed junta) and the Russian involvement (without a shred - a shred! - of real evidence).

The American multi-taskers sneaked in yet another failed coup attempt against the people of Venezuela:  "Venezuela president accuses U.S. government of plotting to blow up presidential palace in attempted coup"

ISIL's brother (same kind of false-flag excuse for American military involvement to 'fight terrorism'):  "Is Boko Haram a CIA Covert Op to Divide and Conquer Africa?"

"Interpreter for 9/11 defendants at Guantanamo Bay was a CIA agent"  I wonder of the CIA has job openings for the position of 'Interpreter/Torturer'?

"How America Screws up the World without Its People Knowing What Is Happening" by John Chuckman

"Chapel Hill Shooting and the ‘New Atheist’ Neocons" (phony atheists are just a front for Zionism/Islamophobia):
"Muslims cannot be portrayed as victims of a vicious hate crime ­­– that would fall too far outside the boundaries of the neocon-induced popular discourse which always presents Muslims as violent, irrational aggressors. Muslims as victims of a lethal hate crime is not politically palatable at the present time when America and its subservient lackeys are executing a war of attrition against the Islamic world, which explains why the cops are avoiding that angle at all costs.
This tragic shooting brings the ‘New Atheist’ movement into focus. Other prominent ‘New Atheists’ include the aforementioned Bill Maher, Sam Harris and the deceased Christopher Hitchens. What all of these characters have in common is an unreserved and unabashed disdain for Islam in particular. Critics have noted that a very large portion of New Atheists’ criticisms of religion is aimed squarely at Islam, leading some to believe that they are political propagandists rather than true free thinkers.
The ‘New Atheist’ movement has little to do with encouraging skepticism and critical thought. It is in actuality an insidious offshoot of neoconservatism, hence the movement’s obsession with disparaging Islam and Muslims. Another notable characteristic of the New Atheists, which coincides nicely with their neocon antecedents, is their proclivity for philosemitism and pro-Israel evangelism – odd for people claiming to oppose ‘all religion.’
We dislike and disavow all religions, but we don’t have a problem with Judaism or the ‘Jewish State of Israel,’ the New Atheists whisper under their breath, hoping their followers don’t notice the brazen contradiction."
Tweet (essendi aluda):
" Tony Blair is in my town Nairobi-kenya talking to my president should we stay indoors?"
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