Monday, February 16, 2015

The end

Considering the size of professional sports as an industry, it is interesting that both professional football and professional hockey will not exist in twenty years.  The newest neurological understanding of concussions means that parents won't allow their children to participate, meaning that professional players will no longer be available.  "The end zone"

"Russia Creates Its Own Payment System":
"The key is to get one major manufacturing country in.  Most of the nations the West is punishing these days, financially, are oilarchies ( Venezuela, Iran, Argentina).  They need the ability to buy manufactured goods.  The obvious country is China.  If China agrees to go in, Western financial hegemony is broken.  Japan could work; India could almost work, and Japan or India have a lot more to gain from it than it might seem (as we watch the Japanese economy implode.)
Even before then there are deals which can be cut.  Say Greece wants to buy Russian oil.  Russia can lend them Rubles, the use those rubles to buy Russian oil, in exchange Russia gets use of Greek ships and ports and access to the EU."
"Rise of anti-Semitism in Europe: ‘Govts must protect minorities’ rights’" - recognize Hezbollah and they start knocking over grave stones!!!:
"Just a couple of months ago, the EU Commission decided to take Hamas and Hezbollah off the terrorist organizations [list]. Maybe now, just a little bit too late, they are waking up to this unfortunate reality."
"Declassified Report: US Helped Israel Obtain Hydrogen Bomb"

"AP Exclusive: High Civilian Death Toll in Gaza House Strikes"  From the ultra-Zionist Associated Press. Bibi's speech continues to stir the pot.

The intelligence agency/law enforcement/'terrorist' matrix is starting to become too, too obvious:  "Too many ‘most wanted men’"  Note that the proposed solution is the blood-pouring-from-the fangs Zionist one of massive fascist and violent Islamophobia.  The sane person's approach is to stop supporting Israeli murders and land theft, stop fighting Wars For The Jews, and start to become intelligently Jew-skeptical in all matters.
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