Sunday, February 15, 2015

Trapped in narrative

"Why Jonathan Freedland Isn’t Fit to be the New Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian":
"Should Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian’s Executive Editor, Opinion, take over the editor-in-chief’s post from Alan Rusbridger? Freedland’s instalment is rumoured to be a condition set by the New York Times if the two enlightened North Atlantic papers are to merge, but even without this his chances seem good."
There's a very good reason why it is called the Jew-controlled media.

"Guardian editor’s hypocrisy on anti-semitism" by Jonathan Cook

"When Nazi Hands Rock American Cradles"  Supremacism is taught.

"Ilargi: Ukraine – Trapped in Narrative":
". . . it’s been a year since Maidan, since Yanukovich was chased out, and still not one piece of ‘evidence’ has been made to stick. Not one. While the US have the most advanced spy technology ever seen on the planet, it has not been able to produce one piece of information, for a whole year, to prove its assertions that Russia provides weapons to the ‘rebels’, sends soldiers to fight in the Donbass, or has anything to do with shooting down a plane. Not one single piece of evidence."

"The Putin-Did-It Conspiracy Theory" by Robert Parry

"Wolff: Prince Andrew, Dershowitz and the new news age"  Dersh's collar is getting tight. See also:  "Alan Dershowitz gets support of Harvard professors".  Let's see, Tribe, Ogletree, and Dersh.  It's the American Association of Plagiarists.

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