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It is difficult to avoid seeing the release of the South African spy cables as anything other than an American attack on Bibi.  It's the timing - the Iran negotiations, Bibi's unwelcome speech - and the concentration on revelations embarrassing to the Mossad.  In particular, the pointed revelation that Bibi's infamous bomb drawing was an outright lie, known to Bibi to be a lie at the time, is a direct attack on Bibi's latest attempt to use partisan American politics to prevent a deal with Iran.

"The unglamorous life of a modern spy in the new ‘El Dorado of espionage’:
"The South African report states it is a “known modus operandi of the Israeli intelligence services to utilise El Al as cover for intelligence members” and identifies an El Al employee as a Mossad courier. The use of El Al as a front for the Mossad and Israeli security service Shin Bet in South Africa led to the deportation of an airline official and the withdrawal of the right to carry weapons and diplomatic immunity from El Al staff soon afterwards.
Some of the information in the document about Mossad appears to have been lifted from open sources, such as books on the Israeli agency.
A section dealing with the operational practices of Israeli field intelligence officers says Mossad puts no pressure on female agents to use sex as a “weapon” but it is expected. It adds: “If sexual blackmail or entrapment is an integral part of the mission, however, Mossad often employs actual prostitutes.”
There is less hesitation among Mossad chiefs about using male agents to become intimate with embassy secretaries, airline stewardesses and others who might provide valuable information."
"Spy Cables: Mossad's questionable questions about Morsi"

"Israeli cable reveals S Africa missile theft cover-up" (the Israeli is called "Yitzchak Talyah aka Edward Henry Taljaard"):
"The Spy Cables include a top-secret reply to a South African request for Israel's intelligence service to return the purloined blueprints.
In it, Mossad says that "in light of the strong cooperation" between the two countries' intelligence services "we can, at least, return the missile plans to you".
But they did so on the condition that an Israeli citizen involved in the affair would "not be prosecuted or involved in legal issues".
It appears South Africa agreed to those terms because no Israeli has been directly involved in legal issues since."

"'Ex-Israeli agents' threatened cyber attack on S Africa":
"A group claiming to be former agents of Israel's Mossad threatened to unleash a devastating cyber attack on South Africa unless its government cracked down on the growing campaign to boycott Israel, according to intelligence documents leaked to Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit.
According to the reports, then-Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan received a note from "unknown sources" on June 28, 2012, threatening a cyber attack "against South Africa's banking and financial sectors." The hand-delivered letter gave the government just 30 days to achieve the "discontinuation of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign and the removal and prosecution of some unidentified individuals linked to BDS"."
"According to the secret briefing, the South African spies interpreted the letter handed to Gordhan as evidence of a growing dissatisfaction within the local Jewish community over South Africa's perceived hostility to Israel. The document concluded by warning that Mossad-linked Israeli businesses could increase "offensive espionage activities" in South Africa."
How corrupt is the Palestinian Authority?:  "Spy Cables: Abbas and Israel ally against 2009 UN probe"

"Spy Cables expose 'desperate' US approach to Hamas":
"In November 2011, in a landmark event in the PA's efforts for recognition of Palestinian statehood, the UN cultural agency UNESCO voted overwhelmingly to accept Palestine as a member. That set the stage for an effort the following year to upgrade the status of the PLO's mission to the UN to that of a non-member observer state - a campaign fiercely opposed at the very highest levels by the United States and Israel
The South African government not only supported the Palestinian statehood effort, but a Weekly Middle East Bulletin dated 29 October, 2012, suggested that "South Africa should assist in lobbying undecided votes for the Palestinian statehood bid".
A secret cable dated 22 November 2012 from a South African agent in communication with Palestinian leaders records that the South Africans had been told that US President Barack Obama had phoned and "threatened" PA leader Mahmoud Abbas not to proceed with the bid. The agent reported, however, that Palestinian leaders were unfazed and "were quite adamant to go ahead" despite Obama's phone call."

"Sex, blackmail and theft: leaks detail Israeli spy operations"
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