Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bibi's magnificent win

Hearty congratulations to Bibi and his spectacular, magnificent, truth-affirming, win.  The Jews of Israel had a clear choice between permanently identifying themselves as violent, racist, supremacist assholes, or as as violent, racist, supremacist assholes with an asterisk, and chose the former.  The delusion of an Israeli 'center' forced Bibi to turn the election into a referendum on the truth of Jewish supremacism.  We no longer have to pay any attention to any Jewish lies about the creation of a Palestinian state.

Still, it is clear that the results were rigged.

"Netanyahu won. Now what?"  "Who can save Israel now?"  The entire point of Mondoweiss and other lite Zionists is to trick the gentiles into believing the Jews are not assholes.  Isn't it time to fold up?  I'm serious.  What trickery is left?

Here's the concentration camp guard interviewing Oren, who says of American Jews (directly contradicting the lite Zionist line):
"The right is growing much more rapidly, even as a percentage within the Jewish community. There’s a greater percentage that is more religious, more conservative. That disparity is going to grow in favor of the right in coming years."
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