Thursday, March 12, 2015


"Anatomy of a Hack"

"Why Alberto Nisman Is No Hero for Argentina — or the Jews"

Standardized patsy treatment:  "Boston Marathon bomb trial: FBI agent mistakes Grozny for Mecca in Twitter":
"The underlying meaning of the first phase of this trial is, Clarke’s opening statement made clear, not to exonerate Tsarnaev completely of the 30 charges against him, but to win the jury’s trust for the second, death-penalty phase, when they will hear arguments as to whether to sentence Tsarnaev to die."
The laughable incompetence/sloppiness of the prosecution is just an indication that the entire trial is a predetermined sham.

"Maybe Obama’s Sanctions on Venezuela are Not Really About His “Deep Concern” Over Suppression of Political Rights"  The American security state is furious with Venezuela for blocking all its coup attempts.

"Tentative Deal Reached to Settle Ukraine War"

"Clinton's former legal adviser deflects questions about private email account"  What if he gave advice that she couldn't do it?

"Hillary Clinton Finally Answers Questions About Her Email... And It Only Raises More Questions"  She was intending to run for President when she was Secretary of State, and she hid/destroyed the emails so that her shenanigans wouldn't come back to haunt her.

For fans of  'old school' conspiracies:  "Tradecrafting Anita Pallenberg"

It looks much more like treason if you do it for cash.  "Senator who spearheaded letter to Iran got $1 million from Kristol’s ‘Emergency C’tee for Israel’"  "Neocon meteor Sen. Cotton is funded by Abrams, Adelson and Kristol and loves war a little too much"  "The 47ers"  "Republicans Overreach: Part Deux"  "Shutting Down AIPAC"
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